Scar Removal

Home Remedies for Scar Removal

We all know that having a scar on any part of the body is unpleasing to the eyes. Most of the scar removal treatments that we can find in the market are quite expensive and some of them are not even effective in treating scars.

So if you are searching for an effective scar removal product that is cheap and effective, below are the top six home remedies that you can do to remove scar.

  • Lemons

One of the most common methods of scar removal would be the use of lemons. Lemons are good for the dark colored scars and the lemon juice would definitely help in lightening it up.

Take a teaspoon of lemon juice, dab it into a cotton ball and smooth it over the acne marks. Allow it to set in for 10 minutes and rinse afterwards.

Beware that using lemon juice to treat your scar would make your skin sensitive to the sunlight so be sure to always wear sunscreen before going out of the sun.

  • Baking Soda

Another alternative method to remove scar is by exfoliating your skin with baking soda. Baking soda is also being used for microdermabrasion in clinic treatments.

Mix one teaspoon of the baking soda with 2 teaspoons of water and gently rub this mixture on to your acne scar for a full minute and then rinse afterwards.

  • Olives

Applying olives after exfoliating your skin with baking soda would also help in the removal of acne scars. By using a pea-sized amount of the olive oil, massage it to your face after using baking soda.

The olive oil will be able to help in removing your scars and it will leave your face looking well moisturized, supple and soft.

  • Fruits

FruitsYour skin does not only require nourishment from the outside but the food that you eat will also help in making your skin look beautiful and healthy.

Aside from applying topical treatment to your skin, applying fruits and also vegetables will be able to deliver additional amounts of Vitamin C to your skin that will allow a gentle exfoliation by the ascorbic acid.

By using a puree of the fruits, smoothen it out over your face for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse it afterwards.

  • Water

Even if water is a simple and abundant compound, its use to human beings is endless. Definitely taking enough amounts of water every day will make your skin look healthy and promote cell turnover that will eventually help in the reduction of acne scarring.

By drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, it will definitely help in making your skin look healthy by nourishing it and removing the unwanted toxins from the body.

  • Devotion

We all know the acne scars do not disappear overnight and thus it would take weeks before you can finally remove the appearance of scars.

By consistently using your treatment plan every night, you will definitely be able to reduce the appearance of your scars in a matter of months.


Four Phases of Rosacea Signs and Symptoms

Smiling Young girlRegular flushing of the skin is regarded as the recognizable indication in the very first phase of rosacea.

This typical skin disorder is spoken “roh -zay-sha” as well as in the US, the quantity of patients can be as great as twenty million such as this kind of popular individuals as former President Bill Clinton, Renee Zellweger, , Prince Harry, Cameron Diaz and Princess Diana.

Rosacea provides 4 acknowledged phases and also each one phase bears various symptoms and signs, which have an effect on the face.

Rosacea is much more typical in women adults with a good skin between the age groups of 30 and also 60. Whenever guys have the problem, the signs and symptoms may be worse.

Phase I

The very first phase is pre-rosacea in which the primary indications is regular flushing influencing the forehead, nose, cheeks and also chin.

The face can be so delicate that a burning up feeling might take place whenever beauty products or even lotions and creams are employed. The face might even turn out to be inflamed.

Causes are a solid element and also whilst these types of differ from individual to individual, they could be emotionally charged, chemical substance, environmental or possibly food relevant.

Over time the inclination to flush or even blush conveniently can progress to a far more prolonged redness. This really is a result of the dilation of bloodstream, near the skin’s surface area, in the main part of the face, especially the nose.

A lot of patients will begin to really feel self-conscious so that you can add depressive disorders, low self confidence and also embarrassment to the trouble.

Phase II

The 2nd phase is vascular rosacea whenever little arteries on the nose and also cheeks swell up, demonstrating via the skin just like small red-colored traces.

The skin can really feel hot and also appear puffy, being all the more delicate. Flushing as well as redness is a little more prolonged after which long lasting.

Phase III
The 3rd phase is inflammatory rosacea in which little, red-colored bumps (a few including pus) would seem and also continue.

These types of can become uncomfortable and then scatter across the face. In extreme instances, there is certainly an increase of tissue on and also around the nose especially in guys. Ultimately, the nose can become red-colored, increased as well as bulbous.

Phase IV

The last phase is ocular rosacea that may be a dangerous problem disturbing the eyes that should be observed by an ophthalmologist as it will be able to result in the loss in vision.

The signs and symptoms (along with rosacea) are discomfort in the sight, light sensitiveness, a reduction in visual capability and also an evident swelling of the lids or even conjunctivitis.

Along with starting up a program of all-natural therapy, it is possible to help by staying away from something that you believe may cause a break out.

Maintain a journal of this kind of flare ups to be able to recognize exactly what may be a cause whether it will be food, skin items you utilize, the weather conditions or even the emotions. For more information, please visit this website


HGH Perks – Look Slim, Look Young and Look Better

As an important hormone in the body, the human growth hormone is the one responsible for human growth and development.

It supports growth, regeneration and recuperation of cells, tissues and organs. Since this hormone is the ground for cell maintenance, would that mean it could also be a ground for being young forever?

That’s the primary assumption experts probed and probe into. Should the little hormones be an effective means to allay aging symptoms, they can be your ticket to being ‘forever young’.

Just so you know…

Age is more than just a number, and aging is more than just adding an extra year. For the many, if not all, aging seems to be an archaic context.

How old you are resembles how you feel about yourself rather than how many years you have lived. Then again, adding a year to another year and to a previous year is simply inevitable.


Just as how many experts see it, HGH is the new miracle in a bottle. It is the anti-aging regimen consumers have been looking for all these years. And now, it’s up for the grab in the market.

Hold on…

What was it again? HGH?

The human growth hormone or HGH is natural hormone found in the body. Released by the anterior portion of the pituitary gland, its primary function is to support growth and development.

Basically, it’s what keeps you running all these years.

Based on scientific studies, HGH is associated with the following responsibilities:

  1. Improves fat metabolism
  2. Improves muscle mass and bone density
  3. Regulates blood sugar levels
  4. Maintains skin integrity
  5. Controls blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Aging and HGH

Diminished amounts of HGH in the body is related to primary symptoms of aging – that would be loss of bone density, muscle wasting, elevated cholesterol levels, accumulation of body fats and/or seemingly uncontrolled blood pressure changes.

All these are attributed to the gradual decline of HGH levels after the age of 20.

However, children as young as 6 years old may experience aging. Nope, it’s not the ‘Curious Case of Benjamin Button’, but a real life occurrence. These children usually suffer from congenital disorders affecting growth and development.

In both case scenarios, HGH may be recommended. As the benefits suggest, it can allay early symptoms of aging and serve as a supplemental means to keep your body rejuvenated and healthy.

Aesthetics and HGH

body looking and feeling youngAs HGH becomes an anti-aging treatment prospect; and so are its effects associated with keeping the body looking and feeling young.

Since HGH is closely associated with increasing fat metabolism, it does away with fat accumulation. Additionally, it keeps the skin structure strong, thus, you get to enjoy radiant and ever-young-looking skin.

It’s a gamble…

Everything in like is a gamble. Taking HGH is a risk, and one which you should think of carefully.

HGH is associated with the following side effects.

  • Breast enlargement in men
  • Swelling of the arms and legs
  • Muscle and joint pain

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Stretch Mark

Stretch Mark – As Nature Sees It

Are you ready to show some skin this coming summer? Many are disheartened to wear up-a-hinge top, a pair of bikini (trunks for men) or go topless on the NUDE BEACH because of unwanted skin scars.

Some marks just don’t seem to couple clothes perfectly. And one of which are what you call stretch marks.

These pesky skin marks are not life threatening, but they can seriously damage your self-confidence. Not only you might feel incapable to flaunt your body; you might also find it difficult to wear something that might show a little extra skin.

The Scars

Stretch marks are formed out of scarring. This isn’t scarring after a cut or a trauma, though. They are scars formed out of skin overstretching secondary to a sudden increase or decrease in weight and/or size. How does this go?

The skin is elastic by nature. This elasticity is attributed to the production of collagen by the skin cells. Collagen forms the framework of the skin. It enables stretching of the skin without losing its form.

When the stretching of the skin is way overboard, normal collagen production could not cope with the change and the underlying structure becomes too frail to support the skin. This leads to formation of linear scars – stretch marks.

These scars are most common among teens wherein sudden growth spurts and development occur secondary to hormonal changes. During pregnancy, the mother needs to accommodate the growing fetus.

And so, the skin needs to stretch to give room for the baby. As for body builders and obese individuals, the skin needs to accommodate muscle enhancement and fat cell enlargement, respectively. All these conditions can predispose an individual to develop stretch marks.

What Nature Offers

There are commercial treatments for stretch marks. The thing is, not everyone is willing to take that risk. Some prefer to take the alternative and more natural ways.

And here are some organic remedies which certainly work magic.

  • Cocoa butterCocoa butter. It was known to relieve the symptoms of stretch marks. Additionally, it’s a great skin moisturizer. What can you do: apply cocoa butter three times a day on the affected areas on a regular basis for significant results.
  • Aloe vera. You can invest on aloe vera gel if you want to keep stretch marks at bay. Aloe vera has natural healing components which can make your scars less visible.
  • Vitamin E. It is an essential vitamin needed for skin integrity by improving collagen production. Experts recommend that you rub Vitamin E over the affected areas.
  • Vitamin A. This vitamin is reported to stimulate healthy skin cell regeneration and growth – important processes which help maintain skin integrity. And most likely to erase stretch marks.
  • Healthy skin care. Keep stretch marks at bay through a healthy skin care regimen. That would mean eating well, avoiding stress, hydrating and being fit (regular exercise and activities). Being healthy inside and out maintains not only your skin, but also the whole of you. And that’s something you can’t buy.

Visit this website for more tips to get rid of stretch marks.


The Options to Keep Cellulite at Bay

Majority of consumers worry about cellulite. Got it? Well, practically a large number of individuals regardless of age, race and sex worry about cellulite. And who wouldn’t?

The identifiable puckering and dimpling of the skin makes bikini bottoms such a far-fetched idea. As for men, it’s definitely not sexy.

So, concerned individuals like you hunt for ways to treat them. The most common mistake in getting rid of cellulite, though, is jumping into treatments without knowing what exactly is in between. Treating cellulite starts with knowing everything about it.

And here’s what you should know.

  • Cellulite – Paper on a Board

Think of your skin as a fine piece of paper on a hard cardboard. When the structure underneath the paper is soft and easily deformed, the paper assumes an irregular position.

Fat underneath the skin is held together by a structure called septae. In women, septae is linear; when it’s pulled down dimpling occurs more obvious. In men where septae is angular, dimpling is rarely noticed. However, a rough skin surface may be prominent.

  • The Truth

There’s no known treatment to cellulite. Up to this time, experts are looking for ways to permanently get rid of cellulite. Sounds way too hopeless? Brighten up a little.

There are ways which might just help you remedy cellulite even on a temporary basis.

  1. Lose weight. Making fat cells bigger and more prominent, weight gain can make dimpling more obvious. Technically, though, both thin and big individuals can suffer from cellulite. However, having extra pounds can put you at risk of developing such.
  2. Massage. According to some experts, a good massage improves circulation and was known to relieve symptoms of cellulite.
  3. VelaSmoothDoctors’ Machines. If you seek a medical consult, you can be presented with several machines (such as Thermage, Accent XL and VelaSmooth) which deliver laser or radio waves to eliminate cellulite by applying heat over the affected areas. A newer machine delivers acoustic waves (high pressure waves) which break the septae that holds the skin down making puckering less visible.
  4. Your Surgical Option.Cellulaze is one of the recent innovations in the surgical field targeting cellulite. It makes use of a side-firing laser inserted under the skin after several tiny cuts were made. It toasts fat pockets and irregular septae. It has been effective in majority of the clients who undergone the procedure. It is said to be very effective in areas displaying dimples.
  5. Topical Agents.Retinol and caffeine are ingredients in best cellulite cream which have been known to decrease cellulite symptoms. Caffeine was found to shrink fat cells. Retinol, on the other hand, increases production of collagen on the skin. This, in turn, makes the skin suppler and firmer.

Above all else, adopt a good skin care regimen. It is important that you pamper your skin well not only superficially. Skin care involves eating a healthy regular diet coupled with proper hydration and exercise. With these basic rules in mind, you’ll never go wrong.

Scar Removal

Chemical Peels vs. Scar Removal Creams

Scar removal has become a popular subject extensively searched by lots of people that have suffered severe acne problems particularly throughout their adolescent days.

This acne breakout has remained them with unappealing skin scars and also spots on their skin. Our physical appearance is actually essential and one factor that will make us truly aware is our facial skin.

You can buy lots of product or service available for sale yet still you do not acquire the preferred outcomes for the scars. This may make you a lot more dissatisfied as well as stressed out.

To be able to get rid of these types of bothersome marks, you could choose among various useful remedies. You will discover certain scar removal remedies which are gentle while others are harsher however you may be certain they are useful.

Chemical Peels

One great answer for removing marks is an approach known as chemical peels. Chemical peels use chemical substances to do away with the scarred skin and also allow recently produced skin develop.

For anyone having only mild conditions of scarring, superficial peel is the most effective. Superficial peel is just a one-day easy therapy. For anyone with moderate scarring, it is possible to choose moderate peels.

Moderate peels process just requires 1 week before you decide to see the preferred outcomes. You will observe a bit of redness for 7 days however there after it is possible to actually notice the preferred result.

Strong peels process certainly is the one useful for individuals with serious scar problems, nevertheless, this process is not advised for anyone with deeper complexion because there is certainly certain bleaching include in the process.

The healing method can take around fourteen days along with the redness may take eight weeks before it vanishes.

Scar Removal Product

Making use of topical scar removal product is yet another great way of getting rid of these types of marks. This really is for all those individuals who have no desire to go through surgical procedures. ProActive is a well known item useful for dealing with scars.

AccutaneIt really is well known for refreshing, fixing and also renewing the external layer of your skin. Accutane is yet another recommended scar removal product that has certain negative effects.

This product is quite strong when compared with other kind of counter remedies. It is possible to request your doctor and also ask if this sounds like perfect for you.

You may also inquire further about any specific possible side effects. An additional item proven to take away scar is Skinbright. You can test utilizing these types of techniques to do away with the marks.

If you wish to select chemical peels to take away the scarring, ensure that this really is the appropriate choice for you.

You need to study all these techniques and also each one phase of peels to understand what one is good for the skin.

Scar removal products appear to be the much less abrasive choice, however generates terrific result. It is going to just boil down to everyone whether or not they may be ready to utilize a specific approach to assist resolve their issue.

Scar removal remedies come into play various kinds therefore it is thoroughly in your hands those that to select.


Root Diet Causes of Rosacea and Treatment

Rosacea is a skin condition that is quite rare to the ears of many people yet its incidence is quite high. It is typically manifested as a reddish flaring of the skin of the face that cannot be easily treated with therapeutic drugs and it goes slowly away with time.

There are a lot of factors that could trigger a rosacea breakout but recently it has been known that food and beverages could also trigger a rosacea breakout.

Since there is a known connection between the problems of the digestive tract and rosacea, there are many other causes of rosacea that is due to the process of removing toxins from the body properly and normally.

Below are the common digestive reasons for a rosacea breakout:

  1. Low acidity of the stomach – some have theorized that a low level of stomach acid (also known as the hydrochloric acid) may trigger rosacea, there are HCl supplements that could bring back the normal acidity of the stomach and one of these is Betaine. But one must take not to take proper dosage of this drug since excess amounts may cause stomach ulcer.
  2. High in fat and low in fiber diet – this type of diet is common nowadays since there are a lot of fast food chains and delicious foods that is rich in preservatives that kids, teens and even adults enjoy. These types of food may trigger a rosacea breakout. To counteract the effect of these food items or rather, prevent rosacea breakout from occurring, foods such as vegetables, fruits, sprouts and nuts are beneficially to the body, skin and circulatory system for the proper circulation of blood and toxin elimination.
  3. Dysbiosis – the term “dysbiosis” refers to the improper balance of the bacteria in the gut. This imbalance of the gut microbial flora is also due to the low acidity of the stomach. Likewise the drug Betaine is the first line of treatment however take note that this should be taken in proper amounts to avoid ulcerations from happening. Aside from restoring the normal pH of the stomach, Betaine is also able to restore the normal flora of the stomach and will reduce the symptoms of rosacea.
  4. Nutritional Deficiencies – people who have rosacea breakout are typically deficient in the Vitamin B complex. This vitamin B is not available in proper amounts in the natural diet thus supplementation is recommended for this type of diet. Among the components of the Vitamin B complex, it is vitamin B12 that is most helpful in the reduction of the flare ups of rosacea in those who are affected of it.
  5. ConstipationConstipation – when a person is constipated, it only means that he or she has been eating a diet which is low in fiber and thus the only cure for constipation is by eating foods that is rich in fiber such as vegetables and fruits.
  6. Hormonal Imbalance – there are people whose main reason for having rosacea flare up is due to hormonal imbalance or stress. People who have this must either see their doctor or have a change in lifestyle.

Easing Worries: Facts on HGH

It isn’t unlikely that you find yourself questioning what is presented on your platter. Cosmetics and related products are among the many types of merchandise which gain the most fuss. And right now, HGH is the current miracle on which all eyes are on.

The Human Growth Hormone, abbreviated as HGH, was bottled, marketed and seen as the Holy Grail of the ‘aging crusade’.

It is referred to as the anti-aging miracle in a bottle by many experts worldwide. The obvious plugs and active marketing strategies have brought down many consumers to their knees.

But exactly should you know HGH? Is it even safe? Does it even exist? Is it an anti-aging formula? Or is it just something that will add color to the income of marketers?

Is it true?

HGH is a real compound. It is a naturally occurring hormone which is released by your pituitary gland (a pea-shaped organ located at the base of the brain).

The human growth hormone, as the name connotes, is a compound largely involved with human growth and development. It is highly abundant in teens, wherein growth spurts are definitely obvious.

In time, HGH decline both in number and in production. This usually occurs after puberty, around middle adulthood, and is found to cause the main signs and symptoms of aging.

Is it beneficial?

HGH works by supporting healthy tissue and cell growth. This, in turn, maintains organ integrity.

Generally, then, the benefits would include the following:

  • Maintenance of blood pressure and cholesterol levels at normal range
  • Improvement of bone density and muscle mass
  • Enhanced mental capacity
  • Better skin integrityBetter skin integrity

Obvious weight management and decrease in body fat

How is HGH marketed?

HGH is marketed as supplements. How can this be if it is an actual human hormone? Would it mean killing another person to get the necessary component? That’s way overboard. HGH supplements are made of synthetic HGH – a compound made of amino acids which target stimulation of HGH production in the body.

You can buy HGH supplements in various forms – sprays, topical creams, injections and capsules. Of all these, the only recommended form of HGH administration is through injections.

But since this treatment is rather expensive and needs a supervision of a health care professional, consumers look for cheaper alternatives. That’s when OTC regimen gets in.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is. As a matter of fact, anyone can take it. Just remember, though, that HGH treatments were primarily used to remedy childhood growth disorders.

If you have normal HGH levels and you take in some more without any doctor’s advice, you might yourself in deep trouble. For whatever it’s worth, seek an expert’s opinion.

What should you bear in mind?

HGH is a regulated drug. Just so you know, some countries and states impose law over HGH usage.

Unless it is used as treatment to growth and developmental disorders, using it as a weight loss treatment or an anti-aging remedy is considered illegal. And possession might warrant arrest and prison time.

Stretch Mark

Strech Marks: When Marks Become Overstatements

What keeps you from showing off your body in the heat of summer? Is it the extra flab, the extra inch or the excess skin? Or is it because of the marks you got after being pregnant?

More women are becoming conscious of how their bodies appear. Not because of the extra inches but because of the seriously obvious linear scars on their tummies.

What are these called again?

The linear scars on the skin, usually not after some cut or related trauma, are what you call stretch marks.

striaeMedically termed as striae, these are purplish to reddish to even grayish linear marks common to teens, pregnant and post-partum mothers.

They are not life-threatening scars and they rarely cause a problem. However, for some who are quite particular of their looks, they are not sights to flaunt.

Where did they come from?

Stretch marks result from sudden stretching of the skin. This may be secondary to sudden weight gain, hormonal changes and/or during pregnancy.

Overstretching of the skin inhibits regular production of collagen. So, some areas tend to have lesser firm structures. These flops make visible off-hue lines – the stretch marks.

How do they look?

Fresh stretch marls appear reddish or purplish. They look like indented lines of different color and texture from the skin. They are usually soft to touch with seemingly empty spaces underneath.

They can occur anywhere. Then again, they are most common among fatty areas such as the bellies, thighs, arms, hips and buttocks.

Who can get them?

Anyone. Everybody is at risk to develop striae. Some, however, are particularly prone to develop the marks. Pregnant women need to accommodate the growing fetus.

This condition predisposes them to gain weight, so they tend to get the marks. Body builders suffer from stretch marks because of a similar physiology (means); however, rather than fetus, the skin accommodates the increase in muscle size.

Stretch marks occur regardless of age. Teens are particularly at risk to develop striae. This is because of the hormonal changes they encounter during puberty.

The hormones are culprits of extensive weight and height changes. This sudden body development can cause overstretching of the skin.

Obese and overweight clients keep extra fat. And with it, is the accommodation of enlargement and skin stretching.

Should you be concerned?

Not at all. They are not dangerous scars. Then again, aesthetically, they are not really attractive. Some of these scars lighten after a specific period (usually after a few months or years).

Some, however, don’t go away and will require certain treatments to lighten. There are available over-the-counter topical treatments which can decrease the appearance of the marks. You can also go all-natural with herbs and the like.

There are some advanced treatments which you can also get – laser treatments and fillers for example. If you are dubious, though; always ask your doctor.

He or she is the best person who can attend to your needs and queries. Apt care should always be observed, whether you go over-the-counter or not.


Cellulite-Free Skin – Here’s How

More than the weight, cellulite is one major concern as summer approaches. Not everyone is bold enough to flaunt dimpled skin while in a tiny bikini. Puckered skin is a serious issue among many female consumers regardless of age and race. And, yes, it can extremely damage self-confidence.

Can you have a cellulite-free skin? Of course! There is a multitude of ways to get rid of cellulite, but the basics always go down to the little things you do regularly.

Here are some simple ways and handy tips to keep cellulite at bay.

  • Keep Up with the Lunges

lungesExercising, particularly performing lunges, on a regular basis can help you keep cellulite off. Cardio exercises can zap off weight, but lunges are more helpful in keeping your thighs firm and dimple-free. Why so?

Lunges strengthen and tone the muscles in the thighs and buttocks – areas which are cellulite-prone. Remember that skin flops when the support underneath is missing or unstructured. If you have firm muscles, you skin on top of it looks better, firmer and un-puckered.

What can you do? Keep up a good form, do lunges in sets, do it regularly and be consistent all throughout.

  • Enjoy Water A LOT

If you think of cellulite as Superman, then, water is the kryptonite. A well-plumped skin is a well-hydrated one. Water flushes away toxins in the body. However, drinking more than a liter of water a day seems to be quite difficult to manage.

A dermatologist, Howard Murad, says that the best way to maintain water is to eat it. And how would that exactly work out for you?

Invest on water-filled fruits such as watermelon (90% of which is water with extremely low calories – no gain weight at this point in time, then), mangoes and plums.

More than that, these fruits are rich in Vitamins A and C which can help boost your skin integrity and immune system by fighting off free radicals (compounds which destroy the skin structure).

  • Fake Tans

At some point, cellulite is extremely persistent. When this happens, you might already want to consult a physician.

However, if you do not opt to seek any consult, you can always try to cover up the flaw. Use ‘faux’ tans to at relieve the puckering. Here’s what you can do.

Clean and exfoliate the affected areas of the skin to even out the surface before applying tans, as suggested by the ‘tanning man’ of the ever prestigious Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

Start up with tanners having a tint of bronze. Remember to apply in a circular motion. This keeps uniformity in application.

  • Invest on Creams

Over-the-counter cellulite creams which are caffeine-based are usually the most effective creams in the market.

These products tighten the skin and can last for hours.

Caffeine decreases water content in the connective tissues, relieving dimpling. Make your skin receptive to the creams by exfoliating the skin first and applying the cream using strong stroked (much like a strong masseuse).